The plus sign in the logo symbolizes the Swiss quality and reliability that Tissot has expressed since 1853. The watches, sold in more than 160 countries, are affordable, with advanced functionality and a unique design. Tissot is guided by the signature of Innovators by Tradition , and the quality of the brand has been recognized throughout the world, time and time again. Tissot has been named Official Timekeeper & Partner of several sports competitions, including NBA, FIBA ​​and CBA; we can also mention the Tour de France and the UCI Cycling World Championships; in sports such as MotoGP and the FIM Superbike World Championship, but also in rugby at the 6 Nations Championship, TOP14 or the European Rugby Championship. He is also the Official Timekeeper of the Fencing, Ice Hockey and AFL World Championships.


HYT was born from a question. Time flows and makes sense only through content. So why limit the measurement of time to indicate the present by means of hands or a digital display? Breaking out of the box, making its mark and creating buzz, it is a think-tank sent to create watches that visibly connect the past, present and future. HYT's answer is a clock that overcomes the force of gravity to indicate the passage of time with the help of a liquid. Advanced technology has its origins in philosophy to reflect the intrinsic fluidity of time. In other words, for HYT, time does not stand still. He is in fluid motion. Today, HYT is an ecosystem that unites science, philosophy, art and design in one element. Explore the timeless world of HYT watches.


Eccentric, rebellious and original, this is how URWERK watches can be described. At the same time, these are the watches that open, in an atypical way, the way to mechanical watchmaking in the 21st century and through which they have won the respect of collectors. URWERK is what conveys the hearts and minds of the brand's founders, Felix Baumgartner, the watchmaker, and Martin Frei, a talented artist and designer. A long discussion, a sharing of philosophies and dreams, culminated in a decision to create his own vision of time: “Our watches are unique because each one was conceived as an original work. This is what makes them unique and valuable," explains Felix Baumgartner. Explore the unique world of the URWERK brand.


Manufacture Royale, dare to create and innovate. Authentic expressions of haute horlogerie where art, technique and the excellent skills of the craftsmen come together in unmistakable watches defined by mechanical expertise and original decoration.


RJ designs and produces recognizable, ambitious, and culturally relevant luxury Swiss watches. RJ Arraw, the brand's core collection for men and women, is distinguishable by its RJ Bumpers™ and ingenious interchangeable strap system. RJ has made its own mark on modern watchmaking with its Collaboration watch series, which draws inspiration from icons of pop culture, from superheroes of DC Comics or Marvel like Batman and Spider-Man, to beloved video game characters like Super Mario, Space Invaders, or Pac-Man. RJ has brought history-making material to the wrist with its DNA Concept watches, using steel from the Titanic, genuine moon dust, or remnants from the Apollo 11 spacecraft which first landed man on the moon. The brand was founded in 2004 and re-launched in 2018 under the creative direction of CEO Marco Tedeschi. Since, RJ proudly manufactures its own in-house movements at the brand headquarters, RJ Studio, based out of Geneva, Switzerland.


Bernard Favre, born and raised in Neuchâtel, in the heart of Swiss watchmaking. Favre began manufacturing and designing a line of leather cases for luxury watches and custom accessories. His clients include some of the most prestigious Swiss watch brands including Hublot, Parmigiani, Greubel Forsey, Chopard, Piaget and many others. Innovation and movement are at the heart of its thinking, and creativity leaves the most elegant and friendly rotary instrument: the double axis Planet mechanism.


Founded in 1904 in Geneva, the ZRC company is known for creating innovative diving technology. After the official approval of the first Grands Fonds 300 watches in 1960, the French Navy asked ZRC members to "find a solution" to protect the crown of the watch without impeding the movement of the wrists and, above all, to ensure that no can be opened under water. The ZRC team thus developed the famous crown at 6 o'clock, connected to the case, making the Grands Fonds 300 watch the first and only watch equipped with a 100% monobloc case. Designed by divers for divers, the watch was also adopted by non-military units supported by the French Navy, including the famous French naval officer, Cousteau, who took the watch on his travels around the world.

ZRC watches are characterized by history, quality and adventurous experiences, as specified in the brand slogan La vie est Aventures. The qualities of ZRC watches refer to the precision and accuracy of the mechanisms, the design of a complex simplicity and the resistance of the materials in less favorable weather conditions. ZRC is the brand that pays homage to its heritage and represents a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.


It shows you an entire watch at a glance! The Loupe System comes with two interchangeable rubber elements at the top and are made of food-grade silicone. The first provides a wide field of view of 40mm on the 6x Model 01 and 60mm on the 3x Model 02, and the second, shown on the left, places the eye closer to the magnifier, thus providing a wider field of view than 50mm on the Model 01 and an exceptional 70mm on the Model 02. The magnifiers can be mounted on your iPhone or iPad, soon on other tablets or phones, to enjoy their optical system in many videos and photos.


Bomberg was born to depart from the path of traditional watches. Thanks to its unconventional codes, spirit and identity, the brand has attracted a new niche of customers from all over the world: cool and creative young people. The watches proudly carry the "Swiss Made" label, guaranteeing the quality and reliability of Swiss production. Bomberg watches, accessories and jewelry are aimed at fans who want to express their individualism and break out of the box.


Sevenfriday is a lifestyle brand that creates, manufactures and sells industrial-inspired watches, bracelets and sunglasses for people around the world who live every day as if it were Friday. #liveSevenfriday

Headquartered in Switzerland, Sevenfriday is a global network of partners in 90 countries, with more than 700 points of sale and a multi-cultural, multi-national team of design, operations, logistics and administration experts, based on aiming to give consumers a true #liveSevenfriday experience, both online and offline, in store.



The Electricianz was born out of a strong desire for creativity in a conservative landscape. Firmly anchored in Swiss watchmaking know-how, the brand prides itself on creating innovative products with exceptional design, backed by rigorous quality standards.

Electricity is the pure expression of energy. It is a flow, it is the invisible link that connects, permeates and gives life to the world.

Heavily influenced by contemporary visual arts and underground cultures, The Electricianz's original design makes the electricity-powered inner mechanism of watches visible.

Bringing original, elegant and durable watches to the market, the brand's desire is to form a worldwide community of "volt-lovers", i.e. curious people, passionate about a dynamic life, who love the urban and creative. Step into an explosion of color with The Electricianz!

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