About Us

A company with roots in Switzerland and Romania, Albini Prassa started its activity in Romania in 2004, as a distributor of Swiss watches, the first brand being Tissot. During all this time, Albini Prassa deepened its knowledge of the Romanian market and specialized in promoting and strengthening the brand image of international partners represented such as Bulgari, Laurent Ferrier, Urwerk, Louis Erard, ZRC, Bomberg and Tissot.

Currently, the company's portfolio includes established brands as well as avant-garde products whose success is based on an innovative design, a mechanical architecture or an original history but also an unusual interpretation of time.

At the same time, we managed to create a link between brands and our market through collections and limited editions such as TISSOT Romania 1918-2018, limited series of 1918 units, TISSOT Stejarii and Stejarul de Aur, editions created in partnership with FRR in 2018 and 2019, Bomberg Loop , created with the SEZI workshop in Alba Iulia, QlockTwo Romania edition, and more recently the TISSOT Heritage Arrow to honor the centenary of the Franco Romanian Air Navigation Company (1920-1925/ 2020-2025), the first transcontinental company in the world www.sageataorientului.ro

In 2018 Albini Prassa decided to gradually transform into a new player in the Romanian retail market, gradually leaving B2B distribution. By taking this step, we decided that the experience and space dedicated to brands should be at the center of our concept.

This is how Maison Albini Prassa was born, a place dedicated to time, where the brand experience is dedicated and personal. It is a unique place where our mission is to bring balance and harmony between your personal values ​​and your future watch. You will discover the Heritage Tissot space, where each watch created for Romania in partnership with Albini Prassa has a special place and their story is presented in detail.

Here you will be able to appreciate our renowned Negroni at the bar or a coffee near the jungle, surrounded by the collection of BULGARI watches.

Maison Albini Prassa is the place where time passes differently, and where experience we want to
you live it will meet our passion for time.

Time dedicated pioneers" is our mantra and maybe that's why, at Maison Albini Prassa you will explore both valences of time - slow time, where patience and attention to details is the key, but also time that flies, energy and buzz through conceptual experiences and events.
In a world where every corner tells a story, we understand how important the visual component is when it comes to narrative. Through passion over time I composed this space with Iulia Vilsan, Sezi workshop, architecture workshop and also the best Swiss window designer, Xavier Dietlin


Our name, our story The name is important; think of yours... It often defines us and shows us how to embody it. Origins matter, and for Albini Prassa, origins are everything.

Everyone will tell you that choosing your own company name is not an easy thing. I experienced this when I founded Albini Prassa in 2004. Since then, many people have asked me what the story behind the name is, so the time has come to share with you the meaning of these words. Acknowledging my origins has always been important to me and guided me to get where I wanted to go. Albini Prassa represents my lineage, a family story that begins in the 19th century. This speaks to the values, philosophy, mentality and character that make Albini Prassa what it is today. As a company that revolves around time, representing and supporting brands that keep track of it, that unite past traditions and future innovations over time, this notion was central to our identity, as were my origins

Ion Schiau

founder Albini Prassa

To know yourself is to be rooted.

My origins and my family shaped me.

Just before I launched Albini Prassa , my father gave me a symbolic part of my paternal great-grandmother's inheritance. Since I wanted this money to continue to exist and grow, I logically invested it in my company. My paternal great-grandmother's name is linked to the descent from the Albini family.

It had a strong meaning for her last name to become part of my company name. Prassa is my maternal great-grandmother's name. Albini Prassa is part of my family story, the points that connect me, my story and my company to my roots. It also embodies the different but complementary origins of my family, a fascinating mix of nations and cultures, firmly rooted in the diversity and richness of the Romanian history of which I am a part.

A story of time, which begins in the heart of Romania, in Transylvania, with its mountains, forests and gold, imbued with the pioneering spirit of the Albini family, which played an important role in the cultural emancipation of the region.

A story that reaches the seashore thanks to the very dedicated spirit of the Prassa family, an integral part of the Kefalonian community and imbued with the spirit of the Greek merchants who successfully led trade from the Danube, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea in its heyday.
Septimia Albini & Andronichi Prassa, my great-grandmothers, were two strong women who left their mark on the independent, determined, hardworking and pioneering spirit that continues to shine in Albini Prassa today.

Why a bee?

Albina appears on one of the family's coats of arms, and the word in Romanian is very similar to Albini.

Suggesting the creation of wealth, luck and prosperity, bees embody the idea that anything is possible through persistence.

They are emblems of hard work, precision, dedication and perfect harmony – all of which reflect the values ​​we hold and strive to cultivate at Albini Prassa.