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SKU: BS45CHPBA.050-14.3
  • Waterproof :
  • Diameter:
  • Mechanism :
  • Belt color:
  • Belt Material:
  • Color :
  • Case material:
    Stainless steel

The LOOP limited edition is the latest result of the collaboration between the Albini Prassa distributor, the Șezi workshop from Alba Iulia and the Swiss watch brand BOMBERG. The already classic BOLT-68 model of the Swiss manufacturer appears, for the first time, in a limited edition inspired by folklore and Romanian anthropology. "LOOP" is a semantic construction that can be interpreted in several ways - as an onomatopoeia or as an independent word. In English, it refers to a repetitive structure, in a circle, in which the beginning joins the end, and in Romanian it suggests the word "wolf", the wild animal that has a strong imaginary and symbolic charge in Romanian folklore. All these, together but also separately, give the name of the "LOOP" model. The design of the dial invites a double approach from two different perspectives, radically opposite and always complementary, which allows the graphic interpretation from two positions - that of the wolf's head, but also that of a woman's face. It is a work by the designers from Șezi who tell about the idea they started from and how they completed the BOMBERG BOLT-68 LOOP model. As with all Bomberg watches, world-class Swiss engineering is built into every detail.