The Electricianz - The Blackout Original Black

1.830 lei
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SKU: ZZ-A1C/03
  • Waterproof :
  • Diameter:
    50 mM
  • Mechanism :
  • Belt color:
  • Belt Material:
  • Color :
  • Case material:
    Stainless steel
Electricity keeps the world moving. Electricianz is on a mission to put that energy in the spotlight. We combine watchmaking techniques with bold designs and colors for a watch line that is both creative and reliable. An iron fist in a velvet glove. The core of our machine is housed in a stainless steel casing, in turn wrapped in a sheath of thermoformed nylon reminiscent of insulating materials. Superior grade nylon is proven to be tough, abrasion resistant and insensitive to stress cracking. In addition, its paraffin-like structure guarantees the beast a delicate touch and a silky appearance. Light was conceived as an integral part of the design. That's why 4 LEDs illuminate the hour ring, giving it a spectacular design at night.