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THE NEON Z is a joyful mix of punk spirit and 90’s teenage angst taking its roots in urban cultures, THE NEON Z is a strong contemporary piece declined in a double-battery design - for double fun. And wait until it is exposed to the UV lights! So, are you Neon Z crazy too?
NEON Z features an exclusive double-battery design. The two visible batteries ensure a long power supply to the LED. When the first one runs off, a tiny red LED goes on and invites you to switch to the reserve.
An iron fist in a velvet glove. The core of our machine is housed in a stainless steel case in turn wrapped in a semi-transparent thermomoulded nylon sheath recalling insulating materials. The top class-10 nylon shows to be hard, resistant to abrasion & insensitive to stress cracking. Furthermore, its Paraffin-like structure guarantees the beast a soft touch and a silky look.