We are pioneers of luxury and our history and commerce with expensive objects begins more than 100 years ago. From the shores of the Black Sea to the heart of Transylvania, Romania is our homeland, but our territory stretches also from the Balkans to the Aegean Sea. Starting 2004 we operate from Bucharest and we represent Swiss watches. We are passionate about the reconstruction of local watchmaking culture by promoting a stylish living and building up Albini Prassa for our world wide partners, but also for our customers. Throughout this story we witness how the independent creators raised up and we notice how time and globalisation changes our way of living. Our brands have an unique vision about time that is also a primary concept of their watchmaking. We are proud of being Time Dedicated Pioneers.

Albini Prassa Ltd liab. Co
Bienne, Switzerland

Albini Prassa srl
35 Aleea Alexandru, Bucharest, Romania