The passion for Rugby runs deep in our veins so it came naturally to become a true supporter of the oval ball sport in Romania.

Since 2018, we are proud partner of the Romanian Rugby Federation with TISSOT as the official watch and timekeeper. To mark this wonderful friendship we have already designed and launched a 500 pieces limited edition chronograph TISSOT Stejarii and more projects are in progress for the near future. Our Rugby commitment and passion enabled us to recreate with the manufacturer Sports d’Epoque in Paris the Rugby Jersey of the 1919 Romanian team, a project launched 100 years after the first international game played by Romania at the Interallied games of 1919. The launch of the jersey supported the re-birth of CSU Alba Iulia Rugby, right in the heart of Romania, a passion nested exactly in the same place where Romania’s Great Union took place, in 1918. When we talk passion for Rugby we look to the new generations and therefore we are active with the juniors Club Grivita from Bucharest.


We are committed to promote all sports and fun and this is why we decided to start a long-term partnership with the most important promoter of 3x3 basketball in Romania and one of the global references. Sport Arena Streetball is a passion driven 3x3 basketball competitions organiser who runs the most fascinating events in all the important cities from Romania but also in all Europe and Middle East. We are honoured to be the Official Timekeeper with TISSOT.


The technical precision from watches is the technical precision we love inside the motoring world and especially in the magic world of classic cars. Following an already well established tradition we are present in Sinaia, every year, end of June, as partner for Romania’s most important Concours d’Elegance, a competition established by Romania’s Royal House in 1938. During August, every year, we go to experience the most beautiful roads in Transylvania as sponsor for Sibiu Classic Rally. Both events – in Sinaia and Sibiu – are part of FIVA international calendar.


We are honoured to meet and support the Free Miorita Association – founded by Iulian Angheluta - and its program Lumina Pentru Romania which mission is to bring light to the most isolated houses in Romania. Part of the project and sales of TISSOT Romania 1918 – 2018 Limited Edition launched to mark 100 years since Romania’s Great Union went directly in supporting this program which has direct impact upon many families.


A people without a past is a people with no future. SEZI studio is making sure Romania will always have its bright future by keeping alive all its ancient traditions. Octavia and Lucian Loiș founded SEZI in Alba Iulia and they are specialized in the creation and manufacturing of traditional inspired furniture and other design concepts. SEZI is reminding the world of the great inherited Romanian talent. Our most important collaboration so far was the challenge to create a symbol for ”Hora” Romanian traditional dance so complex to tell a 100 years old story but so small to fit on a watch dial. SEZI made a miracle for all the 1918 watches of TISSOT Romania 1918 – 2018 Limited Edition in the shape of the symbol to host the small seconds but also transformed the symbol in 1918 wood medals to join the watch in its special box.



Supporting the passion for watches takes us back to our starting point. As Time Dedicated Pioneers, it goes without saying that having the chance to support Time Club Romania makes us proud. We are happy to share interesting insights with the most relevant Watch collectors club in Romania and to admire impressive collections from various categories and time periods. A visit to the glorious watchmaking past is linking Romania to all the famous brands including Tissot.


Our connection with the Horological history made us also to donate one of the TISSOT Romania 1918 – 2018 Limited Edition watches to the only Watch Museum in Romania, „Nicolae Simache” Watch Museum in Ploiesti. Our donation marks the debut of Tissot among more than 1000 exhibits, dating back to 1634.

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