The launch of a new exhibition dedicated to design and watchmaking by Albini Prassa in a sporty atmosphere

Lansarea unei noi expozitii dedicate designului si orologeriei de catre Albini Prassa intr-o ambianta sportiva

Yesterday, May 18, 2023, in the framework of RDW Design GO!, at the headquarters of Albini Prassa in Belgrad street no. 12, Dorobanti area, the extraordinary launch event of the exhibition Connecting Horology - Past & Future took place!

A unique exhibition presenting for the first time the largest collection of American Art Deco watches in Europe, as well as the magical world of Xavier Dietlin, the most innovative creator of interactive solutions for luxury watches.

Thus, for the third consecutive year, Albini Prassa creates a bridge between architecture, design and brands from our portfolio such as - Tissot, Bomberg, ZRC, Louis Erard, Laurent Ferrier, Urwerk, Bulgari.

The special atmosphere of the entire event was supported by the presence of several sports personalities, such as; Razvan Rat, Alina Dumitru, Ionel Danciulescu, Narcisa Lecusanu, Victor Hanescu, Marian Dragulescu, Andrei Savenco, but also Xavier Dietlin (former Swiss international and player at Servette Geneva and FC Sion).

Xavier Dietlin shines through authenticity and possesses the grace to transform the conventional into the exceptional. Having a family with a rich tradition in the metal construction industry, this former football player full of energy and passionate about challenges and innovation turned his dream into reality, together with his brother and sister. In the course of a single decade, Xavier revolutionized the metal construction industry, developing the top segment for luxury brands.

As prestigious watch brands quickly recognized his talent, renowned designers and architects, including Peter Marino, regularly called on his expertise. Large corporations such as Mercedes Benz, Philip Morris and Huawei, as well as famous museums, including the Museum of Modern Art MoMA in New York, followed his example, asking him to create increasingly avant-garde solutions.

The scenography of the largest collection of Art Deco watches in Europe was also guided by the creative spirit of Xavier Dietlin. This unique collection was created from the passion of Oana Radovanovici and Dragos Perju, and offers an unprecedented time travel in Romania.

Their passion for watches began to crystallize only ten years ago. They started collecting chaotically, without a clear direction. In 2016, they were seduced by the fascinating design of American watches produced during the Art Deco period.

Identifying and purchasing factory models produced in the 20s-30s of the last century, the connections created with some American collectors, finding advertisements and catalogs from the era, repairing or beautifying the clocks - all these configured a new way of life for them, always beautiful and provocative.

The joy of building a niche collection of American watches reinforces their belief that the seemingly ancient "perfume" of these small works of art is, in fact, more charming than ever, now, in the contemporary world.

For the third consecutive year, Albini Prassa manages to create a bridge between architecture, design and the brands in their portfolio, including Tissot, Louis Erard, ZRC, Bomberg, Laurent Ferrier, Urwerk and Bulgari. The Albini Prassa event is part of the Design GO satellite event program! in Romanian Design Week 2023.

The special host was Ion Schiau, the owner of Albini Prassa, a businessman who lived for several years in Switzerland and who, thanks to his international experience, believes with great conviction that for the healthy evolution of a society, the involvement of several companies in supporting sport. Also, special guests were welcomed by Valentin Popescu, who recently started a collaboration in the area of ​​sports marketing with the Swiss watch house Albini Prassa, and whose involvement in the area of ​​sports marketing is already known, he being one of the most important sports marketing experts from Romania.

A company with roots in Switzerland and Romania, Albini Prassa started its activity in Romania in 2004, as a distributor of Swiss watches, the first brand being Tissot. During all this time, Albini Prassa deepened his knowledge of the Romanian market and specialized in promoting and strengthening the brand image of the represented international partners.

Currently, the company's portfolio includes established brands, as well as avant-garde products whose success is based on an innovative design, a mechanical architecture or an original history, but also an unusual interpretation of time.

Albini Prassa, a company with well-founded values, is also involved in supporting sports in Romania, an important and distinctive component for a business. The development of an ethical business and sports, in general, helps significantly to have a healthier, more beautiful and wiser society. Albini Prassa consolidates and expands its partnerships with various sports, such as: basketball, hockey, cycling, rugby and motorsport.

Maison Albini Prassa represents a place dedicated to time, where the brand experience is dedicated and personal. It is a unique place where our mission is to bring balance and harmony between your personal values ​​and your future watch.


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