The Arrow of the Orient – ​​The Journey of a Limited Edition Tissot Watch

Tissot Heritage Navigator Săgeata Orientului - Photo Credits - Bravebeaters

At the end of 2020, we launched the limited edition Tissot Heritage Navigator “Arrow of the Orient” watch, a tribute watch created to celebrate the story of the Franco-Romanian Air Navigation Company, but also those who participated in it – the banker Aristide Blank, the young diplomat Nicolae Titulescu and a French war veteran pilot, Pierre Claret de Feurieu.

The three traveled the road from idea to reality: the creation of an aerial Orient Express to connect Paris to Constantinople, and thus, 100 years after the founding of CFRNA, we - the Albini Prassa team - together with Tissot created the Tissot Heritage Navigator watch "Arrow of the Orient" in a limited edition of 444 copies. It's our way of paying tribute to the pioneers of commercial aviation, those who laid the foundations of passenger transport and created the first transcontinental airline.
When I set out on this new project I had 2 big ideas in mind – to bring this original and real story back to people, and to create a limited edition tribute watch.

For both ideas, we were lucky to have publications and people who helped us spread the story. So Săgeata Orientului traveled through Forbes , Newsweek Romania , Misterwatch Magazine , Bravebeaters , Romania Insider , The Gentleman's Journal , Cover Stories , PR Wave , Nine O'Clock , Bright Business , and through the most famous publications in the watch industry such as Monochrome , Sjx , Watches News , Wrist Review, Deka Ukraine , Watch Lounge . Thank you and we are grateful for the reviews but also because the Arrow is gaining momentum.

The Tissot Heritage Navigator "Săgeata Orientului" watch is a world-timer and is the first watch that has Bucharest at GMT+2, and is available on , Maison Albini Prassa and in partner stores - Helvetia ,Galt , Gia , Kultho , Sabrini , Tempora.

You can find the brief story behind the Săgeata Orientului watch on , available in Romanian, English and French.

You can find the review created by Bravebeaters here:


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