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 The JAGUAR is a representation of several strong feelings like power, ferocity and valor.

It is the ultimate symbol for the strenght and the power necessary to face one's fears and enemies.

 The beautiful jaguar on the dial is designed with the unique Huichol tecnique.

 The Huichol people of Jalisco, Durango, Zacatecas and Nayarit, Mexico, known in their native language as Wixáritari, are globally recognised for their fantastically intricate, spiritually significant and brilliantly colourful bead and string folk art.

  While Huichol art is a relatively wide umbrella term, it is most commonly thought to encompass the production of beaded and string art, which is always brightly coloured and features symbols, animals and designs which are centuries old and of great significance to the Wixáritari people.

 The origin of Huichol art lies in an ancient tradition, physical transcription of the images displayed by the Huichol shamans; induced by ingestion of peyote, their sacred cactus, allowing them to cross the threshold of the unknown and thus relate to the  divine.

These works of art Huichol are made with beads or thread (yarn), each carries symbolic motifs, stories Huichol Huichol culture and legends of their cosmogony that we provide an overview of the Huichol society. 

Buy a chain and a medallion that attaches directly to the case to transform your timepiece in a magnific pocket watch .