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Available exclusively at Kessaris Nammos and Kessaris Mykonos.
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Time is a river. The H0 Mati Day and Night by HYT turns this elemental believe into poetry in motion. The Greek Eye, the Mati, displayed in the 9 o’clock seconds counter makes an entrance in the world of HYT. What best to connect Greek and Mediterranean tradition with a strong sense of protection against the evil eye triggered by jealousy, envy and excessive compliment?

Greece is in the center of this twin collection. “Mati day” captures the sunny summer days, the blue of the Aegean and Ionian seas, the silvery white of the Greek homes when the bells strike noon. Greek philosopher Heraclitus was spot-on when claiming that “Everything flows and nothing stays the same”. Each glance at the H0 Mati Day and Night confirms the central belief that context and content define time, just as the union of fluid technology and a mechanical caliber brings to life time’s passage. A sweet reminder to live fully the only moment that truly counts: now.

The H0 Mati Day’s stainless steel case, with brushed, micro-blasted and satin brushed finishes, has a diameter of 48.8 mm and height of 18.7 mm. It sits comfortably on the wrist as a bold symbol of buoyancy. A white rubber strap with a titanium folding buckle is a reliable anchor in any storm. Two multi-layer bellows, seen through the dial, reveal the micro-fluidic element orchestrating the accomplished behind-the-scenes performance of a mechanical movement with 65 hours of power reserve. The HYT H0 watches are a continuous, precious reminder to ride the tide of time. 

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